Holiday Season Is Here Again

Taking a deep breath... I can say we are well within the 2021 holiday season.

This is our second year of "holiday seasons" with poured + crafted, and we have officially survived the Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday. We are currently scrambling to get each order out before Christmas. Trust me, it was a crazy 4-5 days.

We are stressed out, tired, caffeinated, and a little hungry :) 

This year was thankfully different than last year. Last year, we both fell sick of COVID-19 on my 21st birthday (December 7th). And oh did we have symptoms... we could not even think of working. And after a Black Friday we've only ever dreamed of, we had to hand over the production and shipping to Braden's family. 

We have prepared more than last year, but we are still so *overwhelmed* with your support, we cannot thank you enough! We brought in almost 200 orders since last week, so bare with us... its only two of us to fulfill them!

New products

You may have noticed a few new products to our lineup in the past few weeks. We added concrete trees, houses, and a new product line of candles! The concrete trees and houses have been a huge hit, and we are so excited about them! For a year or more, I have searched and searched for neutral Christmas/winter decor, and I've finally found the perfect fit to poured + crafted. 

Our new line of candles is proudly made with all USA made products! I have selected these products very carefully to accommodate a wide variety of consumer likes and preferences. 

Some candle specs...

  • vegan + cruelty-free 
  • luxury satin soy wax
  • nontoxic fragrance
  • natural crackle wooden wicks
  • clean burn

Thank you

You all are the best, and we cannot thank you enough! We hope you have a fantastic Christmas, maybe there will be some concrete under your tree this year! 

Emily + Braden