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Holiday Season Is Here Again

Taking a deep breath... I can say we are well within the 2021 holiday season. This is our second year of "holiday seasons" with poured + crafted, and we have officially survived the Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday. We are currently scrambling to get each order out before Christmas. Trust me, it was a crazy 4-5 days. We are stressed out, tired, caffeinated, and a little hungry :)  This year was thankfully different than last year. Last year, we both fell sick of COVID-19 on my 21st birthday (December 7th). And oh did we have symptoms... we could not even think of working. And after a Black Friday we've only ever dreamed of, we had to hand over the...

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How poured + crafted started

2020 was a very 'different' year. I remember last March when events, schools, churches, and pretty much everything (you know, you were there) started shutting down. I didn't know what was going to happen to our business (Emily's Redesign) at that time. I pretty much panicked. Emily's Redesign was strictly a brick and mortar setting of a business, given that furniture is difficult to ship. Braden couldn't start work on time last year (he works with his dad as a concrete contractor), and time stood still for quite awhile. But if you know Emily and Braden, you know we are always brainstorming and coming up with ideas on what to do next.  Braden took a concrete countertop course about two...

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