How poured + crafted started

2020 was a very 'different' year. I remember last March when events, schools, churches, and pretty much everything (you know, you were there) started shutting down. I didn't know what was going to happen to our business (Emily's Redesign) at that time. I pretty much panicked. Emily's Redesign was strictly a brick and mortar setting of a business, given that furniture is difficult to ship. Braden couldn't start work on time last year (he works with his dad as a concrete contractor), and time stood still for quite awhile. But if you know Emily and Braden, you know we are always brainstorming and coming up with ideas on what to do next. 

Braden took a concrete countertop course about two years ago and learned the basics of making them. We thought this would be the perfect mix of our two professions.... it was great! We researched and researched, and watched lots of YouTube videos. Finally we ran some tests on pieces of furniture that needed new tops. And let me tell you what, it was really cool. 

Braden and I landed a few jobs doing concrete countertops, and we realized we were wasting a lot of excess material while pouring these counters (and concrete countertop mix is NOT cheap!) I began searching small things to make and potentially sell out of the concrete we were wasting after pouring. I found companies to make molds for concrete trays, coasters, and flower pots. So I ordered some and waited a month until they arrived. 

Long story short, I took photos of the little creations we were making and put them on Etsy. Then in April 2020, we sold our very first piece of concrete on Etsy after a few days of listing. We were SO EXCITED! We couldn't believe it! Then another order, and another order, and another, and another. Now, almost a year later, we have over 4,000 sales on Etsy. Our dream of owning an e-commerce business became our reality.